when Bet or not bet

Bet or not bet: That's the question.

You're sitting pretty well with your pocket Queens and you raise the pre-flop under the gun and get two callers. To your surprise, the flop appears with the third queen and you hit your foot. Now you have a decision to make - whether you slow your hand or you simply bet your monster. There are a lot of factors that will influence your decision about whether you should bet your monster or not. Maybe you are think what can I do, well in fun88 we help you to make the best decition.

First, what do you think of the other players? Can they call a big bet right now if you decide to bet? If they want, it really does suggest that you should bet your monster. However, if you think your opponent may be weak and will be making a big bet, you may want to check your hand and try to do a bluff. Another consideration to note is whether or not there are any straight or straight draws on the board. If your opponent is capable of holding a draw, betting on your monster again seems to be the best move as they will be forced to pay for their draw cards - the last thing you want is to they see two free cards and then fold their hand after you can have two sure betting rounds.

You also need to consider the risk of choosing each option. For example, if you slow your big hand, your opponent might chase after free cards and withdraw your money, as they fold if you bet. Those are the chips that are lost to you. Also, if they're going to be chasing, you'll want them to pay for the card, not a free one. The possible risk when wagering your hand is that you may cancel any attempts to cheat that could be caused by an opponent who will likely bet if you slow your hand.

These are all considerations you have to think about before deciding to slow down your monster or bet it hard. When processing the information you give, make the choices you think are right and take your action. You will most likely win the bet when you have a big hand, but whether you maximize your chips will depend on how you play it.

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